Welcome to my Sculpture Gallery


    Through my art, I am trying to express the beauty and fragility of life in the most unrestricted way.  I do not duplicate anything as it is, but as I feel it.

    To keep things interesting, I work in series.  The work shown here is a detail from “The Aquatic Series.”  In “The Organic Series,” you will see the twists and curves, and colors and textures that various landscapes and wildlife provide.  And in “The Structure Series,” the most linear work I have, the spirit of each piece is untethered by mere physical forces.

    As you wander thru the Gallery, keep in mind that each work is a metal sculpture:  each hand-cut, hand-welded, hand-torched and hand-painted.  Everything is an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art where the artistry of nature is the inspiration for the work.

    Enjoy, and please visit often.

                                                           PAULA M. TURK


E:  mixedmetals@aol.com                                                                       All artwork created in

T:  305.864.9955                                                                                         Miami, FL    USA                                                                                                         

C:  305.798.3051